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I like books that make me think...and wonder about stuff.
I'm reading Thinner by Stephen King.
The main character is one way. He doesnt care how he is. But...then he unexplainedly turns the opposite. He freaks out. He goes to his doctor, to a clinic...He talks to all these people he knows.
He has nightmares.
He knows why it happened. Hes pretty sure. But he thinks no one will believe him when he tells them the reason why he changed.

His wife and family doctor thinks hes crazy. His daughter is scared of him. Shes out of her mind, being really upset and scared.

Hes on a mission to find out why this change has happened to him...If he can make it alive.

Does that make any sense? [I didnt want to give away any of the details and plots in the books.]

Its scary. It makes you think. Its interesting. Stephen King is awesome.

Would you like to read Thinner?
Does anyone else read Stephen king?
how about Anne Rice?
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